Laboratory Stewardship

The mission of the Seattle Children’s hospital laboratory stewardship program is to improve value of laboratory testing by reducing errors and optimizing test requests. The program consists of faculty, genetic counselors, managers, and staff of the Dept of Laboratories as well as representatives from the Division of Genetic Medicine in Pediatrics.  This program reports up to the Seattle Children’s hospital-wide laboratory stewardship committee.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Creating policies and procedures across multiple disciplines of pediatrics
  • Designing and implementing a nationally recognized system for managing genetic tests and other tests that are expensive and frequently misordered.
  • Creating subcommittees and project groups that have established policies, procedures, and interventions to improve lab testing in various domains (e.g. monthly Exome Subcommittee with broad participation from faculty in the Division of Genetic Medicine; ad hoc “RIGHT project related to ICU genetic testing; working group related to decreasing ICU duplicate orders, etc.).
  • Insurance advocacy to decrease patient’s out of pocket expenses for medically necessary testing.

As part of our quality assurance program, a provider satisfaction survey is conducted annually.  Feedback from the survey is used to improve processes and policies related to the laboratory stewardship program.  A summary of 2016 and 2017 surveys can be found here.

Online Test Catalog

Online Test Catalog

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