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Welcome to PLUGS!

You are on your way to increasing the value of lab testing for pediatric & adult patients while decreasing unnecessary cost. As a member you have access to all of the PLUGS resources and tools.

Are Send-out expenses draining your lab?

You're at the right place. On average, PLUGS members reduce their send-out expenses by 10% upon joining the program.

Members, Sponsors + Partners

PLUGS is a national network of over 60 organizations and is growing fast! Don't be left out of the national test utilization movement-- join PLUGS today.

PLUGS Summit: June 15-16, 2017

Join us for our 3rd annual Lab Utilization Management focused meeting in beautiful Seattle, WA.

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PLUGS IT Partners:

The PLUGS genetic testing experts, with GeneConnect, a highly specialized data solution from NextGxDx have collaborated to create a powerful technology tool to help with accurate and appropriate genetic testing ordering.

Viewics has created business intelligence and analytics solutions for laboratories and clinics. The collaboration with PLUGS will allow Viewics' customers to create sophisticated test utilization management dashboards to enhance clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

NGD Geneconnect
Viewics, Inc.

What is PLUGS?

  • PLUGS helps hospital laboratories and practitioners decrease costs and errors associated with unnecessary laboratory testing, which will ultimately save you money! 
  • On average, PLUGS members who have implemented active UM programs recognize a savings of at least 10% on their total send-out bill. 
  • Through the collaboration process, PLUGS will guide national consensus policies related to pediatric laboratory testing & members will benefit from opportunities for academic collaborations.

What is the mission & vision of PLUGS?

  • Our mission is to significantly reduce laboratory testing expenses while increasing the value of testing to patients.
  • Our vision is to be the #1 provider of services that promote laboratory test utilization management (UM) programs in hospitals and health systems.

We already have a UM program – do we still need PLUGS?

  • Yes! Even the best UM programs can learn from a collaborative network of other institutions.
  • As our PLUGS program grows our consortia and access to the latest in UM also increases– keep your pulse on UM by joining PLUGS.  

We serve an adult population, can PLUGS still help us?

  • Absolutely! Although PLUGS is being developed in a pediatric setting, the principals of our UM approach are not unique to the pediatrics.
  • We work with each institution to develop a customized strategic assessment to achieve your specific UM goals, which very much includes adult care facilities as well.

How do I convince my institution to pay money for PLUGS membership, when the goal is to save money?

  • On average, PLUGS members who have implemented active UM programs recognize a savings of at least 10% on their total send-out bill – this is about $450 per genetic test request that is under management. 
    • Cancel or modify an average of ten tests and you’ve paid for your membership! The cost of a PLUGS membership is quickly recoverable.

Am I hurting my laboratory business by cancelling or deferring tests using utilization management?

In the short run, you may lose some revenue by preventing unnecessary or incorrect test orders from your providers and clients.  The PLUGS principals this justify this short term loss as it is ultimately the right thing to do for the patient.  In the long run, anticipated reimbursement changes and a shift away from a fee-based model, test utilization will only save you money.

Why should I be interested in PLUGS as a genetic counselor?

Genetic counselors play an integral role in many UM programs and many institutions are interested in hiring laboratory genetic counselors to develop and implement such programs.  In addition to fostering exciting career opportunities, PLUGS serves as a valuable resource to established laboratory genetic counselors who are interested in collegial peer-to-peer collaboration.

How can I learn more?

Send us an e-mail!




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Save The Date! PLUGS Summit 2017

June 15-16th, 2017

Connect with the national PLUGS network in beautiful Seattle, WA. Registration information soon to come!

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